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Seize your thoughts as illustrations, diagrams, notes, drawings or sketches and share all of them across the network through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Dropbox and iCloud.

How Does It Work?

BeautifulNote Thumb List

NotionNote gives simple and appealing note thumb list. This note thumb list facilitates you to find your previously created notes easily. You can easily go through all the notes which you have created as well as you can identify the notes with its thumb images. This list shows each note with its thumb image, title, and date and time of its creation. It consists all the notes, which you have created as well as imported from the Drop Box. It also consists notes, which are shared by others via Bluetooth, Internet or iCloud. The most distinct feature of this list is that you can identify your created note by its content represented by thumb image. The way this app has been designed that is very smooth and user friendly which will make you feel homely soon.

Take aNew Note With Just One Touch

Effortlessness is the leading purpose of the NotionNote. This handy friend of yours allows you to create a new note in just one touch. You can turn out your thoughts and notion into the NotionNote infinite times, as it allows you to make as many notes as you want. The process of creating a note is just accompanied by giving your NotionNote a beautiful title. Aha! So Simple! Your note is created.

Improve yourDrawing Skill With Elegant Tools

Your digital handbook should give you the feeling of your writing/drawing pad, right? So here is the app for you -- The NotionNote that allows free hand sketching. This colorful drawing feature will definitely improve your drawing skills! Also keep in mind that it has a countless advanced feature than your usual writing pad, such as multiple size brushes with enormous colors and adjustable size. As well as you can add different shapes, captured photographs and pictures to enhance your drawing. Your drawing can be more improved by text inside it with different fonts, colors and borders. Ouch!! You made a mistake while drawing! Don’t worry this NotionNote has undo and eraser for it!! So go and adorn your note with beautiful and colorful drawings. Its smoothness rasps your attention every time while you create a note.

TakeVideo Capture

NotionNote is not just about wrapping up your thoughts and ideas into the words, but also feathered your thoughts with some advancements like video. Suppose, you want to relate your writings with some important moments of your life, then just fasten those moments in your note in the form of video. That video can be fetched from the album or you can instantly capture it while writing your note. Aha!! Now you realized, this NotionNote is not like writing the usual notes, It encapsulates your life moments, your ideas and your journey into one unit.

Record your Voice

Isn’t it great, if your thoughts, your poetry, your story will string along with your voice, or some song or your own poetry in your voice?? No no, it is not just an imagination, NotionNote will really make it possible. By just a click you can easily record anything and of any duration and just simply attach it with your related note. Hold your breath and download your Notion !!

CaptureYour Current Location

Places where you write your notes, having great importance. Location of your note always enhances your memory trip while re-reading your notes. NotionNote allows you to attach your location into your note. Not just your current location but any other location can be easily connected with your note in one touch. Isn’t it amazing !! So, when you are on a tour, your notes will always have its birthplace along with it with NotionNote.

Handle your data withGraphs

We often messed up with the data and its interpretation. But in today’s data and information driven world we have to deal with it at every baby step. Pictorial representation of data or information known as graphs will make our life of data smooth and easy. Comparison of data will also be graspable with graphs. With all these considerations, NotionNote allows you to generate and manage graphs comfortably. Data can be effortlessly viewed in bar chart, line as well as pie chart. We can also compare data of two components in above three charts with wonderful GUI in our NotionNote. Wow! What is left that NotionNote can not support?

Make your Note moreStylish

Good appearance always drives us to the merits. Functionality without beauty considered as unworthy. Hence, NotionNote has much to applaud, it feathered with elegant tools to make your note more stylish and decorative. NotionNote allows you to adorn your writing with ample of fonts and colors. More over, Nifty background templates can partner your colorful thoughts and ideas. OMG!! Isn’t your note will look gorgeous with all these features?? Waiting for what?? Go grab the NotionNote in your android and iOS device and shape up your thoughts, ideas, and fantasies exquisitely.

Be Safer Side withDropBox Account

With simplicity and smoothness NotionNote also approaches unique features. One of them is DropBox. It just requires your DropBox account, with that you can easily put and fetch your notes on your DropBox account. As well as you can use it as your backup tool. Thus, import and export functions of NotionNote allow you to fetch your notes from DropBox and upload it on DropBox respectively. All these will be done in just few clicks and few seconds, Eureka!! Don’t feel super powered iCloud is also accompanying NotionNote!!

Share your notesTo Anyone

Sharing is the most vital and advanced feature of NotionNote. NotionNote entitles you to share your note anywhere. Its Internet sharing option can share your notes with any NotionNote user via Internet. Moreover, you can share your thoughts and notions on social media via Facebook , Twitter and Google+ sharing options of NotionNote. For near ones Bluetooth sharing is also possible. And this smooth process will take very few seconds. Bravo!! Isn’t it?? And if you want to share your thoughts, which are encapsulated in your NotionNote with some non NotionNote users, then don’t worry, you can simply mail your note via NotionNote. In fact, when someone shares a note to another NotionNote user, instant notification facility for received note is also there. Easy right? Infact our progressive and advanced NotionNote App also boosts its sharing functionality with Airdrop-“A fresh feature added in iOS7” to share Note, specifically between iOS7 supported NotionNote devices. We also boomed iOS users with iCloud, iCloud empower you to backup and share NotionNote effortlessly, plus accessing those Notes anywhere-anytime. Thus, Ace of sharing “iCloud” is beating other Apps like fireball. Hey androiders!! don’t feel discontented, NotionNote got NFC(Near field communication) for you, to share your feelings and thoughts with your near and dear NotionNote users.


We need to refer previously created notes to go through our beautiful memories. Hurray!! NotionNote has a superb feature for it called “Searching”. Searching provides the functionality to search previously created notes, DropBox imported notes, iCloud downloaded notes and shared notes. The user can search notes by its title and date of creation easily through this feature. Simple and smooth searching will let your desire notes in front of you in few seconds.

GetSign In

NotionNote's box of treasure contains many essential features, in which sharing is the major one. Sharing empowers you to share your note with anyone you want. In fact, it allows you to share your note on Facebook and Twitter. And for all these luxuries it just requires you to sign in into NotionNote account. Just create your account in NotionNote and freely share your notes anywhere!! And for sign up you just need your valid email address!! So easy & smooth. Go get your self-sign in…Hurry!



  • Note is the central component of the notion note, It encapsulates all your thoughts, ideas and stories.
  • Note can easily enhance with photographs, videos, audio, location, drawings and graphs.
  • You can easily share your note with others.
  • Infinite Notes can be stored and shared using notion note.
  • Make Notes as stylish as you want through background templates.

Sync With DropBox & iCloud

  • You just need to create DropBox account to use it through notion note.
  • You can upload your notes on DropBox by export option in the application.
  • You can import notes from DropBox using import option in your application.
  • NotionNote breakthrough feature “iCloud” also enables user to share Note with NotionNote as well as non-NotionNote user.
  • iClouds also entitle users to backup their Notes on iCloud using their iCloud account.

Bluetooth, Wifi & AirDrop Transfer

  • Notion Note user can easily transfer their note with other notion note user via Bluetooth and AirDrop.
  • AirDrop is the advanced iOS7 feature, which accredits user to share Notes with other NotionNote users using just one click.
  • NotionNote user can also share their Notes with other NotionNote users using Internet.
  • Thus sharing is swift, smooth and simple.

Audio & Video

  • Video recording feature can enhance your note by allowing user to attach video with note.
  • User can fetch video from albums.
  • User can also take instant video while writing note.
  • User can also record audio and attach it with their note.
  • No duration limit is there for recording sound and video.


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